The Game

You are Maths Warrior!

Make choices. Do maths. Save the world!

Try the short demo adventure, 'Countdown to Maths Destruction'. You must enter Dr Denominator's hidden base and deactivate the Infinity Rocket. Add, subtract, multiply and divide the numbers you are given to get as close to the target number as possible. The closer you get, the more damage you’ll do to your opponents. Make wise choices, though, and maybe you'll catch the villain by surprise...

Take on guards, robots, reporters and a frog using the power of maths!

There's also the feature-length adventure, 'Maths Saves the World'. Pit yourself against the Factoriser and his minions across hundreds of decisions and dozens of encounters. Can you defend the city and keep your identity secret without losing sight of what it really means to be a hero?

- 5 difficulty levels. Very Easy sticks to adding and subtracting small numbers. Very Hard, however, will test even mental maths ninjas.
- Multiple story endings.
- Quick Game Mode. How many enemies can you defeat in five minutes?
- Play as a boy or girl.
- Save slots for an unlimited number of users.
- Hundreds of choices, dozens of enemies, heaps of mathematical fun.
- Endurance Game Mode. How long can you survive?
- Play the game the way you want. If you'd prefer to explore the story without the maths, you can pause battles and then simply choose whether to win or lose.
- No in-app purchases (but may contain traces of time-travelling ninja, negotiation with aliens and a flying cow...)

Privacy: There are no ads and no private data is collected.

Download from Google Play.